Well Testing || Bath Heater

Himech Equipmentis Manufacture ofindirect water bath heater in Oil and Gas, Production, Processing and transmission industry. A bath heater is a simple and safe method for indirectly heating various process mediums by a fire tube style burner submerged at the bottom of the heater vessel then heats a submerged process coil0 in which the flowing process medium is then heated.












  1. Shell.
  2. The Coil or tube bundle.
  3. The water expansion tank.
  4. The fuel feed line.
  5. Burner (gas type, oil type, dual)
  6. Removable fire tube.
  7. Chimney
  8. Burner Management System Panel.
  9. Skid frame and service Platform.
  10. Insulation.
  11. All controlling instrumentation.
  12. Bath liquid level gauge
  13. Bath temperature indicator
  14. Shell designed in accordance with API 12K
  15. 100% radiography on process coil welds
  16. Process coil built to ASME Section VIII, Division


  1. Preheating of crude oil,
  2. heating of gas/crude at the well head (prevents cooling effect of gasses expanding),
  3. heating of high viscosity fluids to reduce pumping pressures,
  4. heating fuel gas at power generation sites,
  5. heating at compressor stations,
  6. fuel gas dew point control,
  7. heating high pressure hydrocarbon gas streams,
  8. Vaporization of process fluids and reboiler heating.
  9. Heating of Natural Gas in gas gathering lines to prevent stoppage of gas due to formation of hydrates.