Mobile Bulk Cementing Unit

Himech’s MBCU is an independent unit used to transport dry cement from Bulk Handling Plants and to be directly hooked up for cementing job at the drill site with the cementing unit. View More

Field Storage Silos

Storage Silos are required for the Cement / Additive storage applications for the On – Shore Drilling and Off-Shore Drilling operations. View More

Cement Carriers

Himech manufactures Cement Carriers which are of Truck mounted or Trailer mounted type that can be manufactured with or without surge tank as per requirements. View More

Batch Mixers

The Himech Batch mixing system is excellent in mixing technology, which includes a batch mixing tank. This system can be used for all cement, flush and spacer mixing operations. View More

Surge Tank

A Surge Tank is an attachment to a pressurized system designed to accommodate pressure changes. The purpose of a surge tank is to neutralize rises and falls in pressure to prevent system failures, blowouts, and other problems. View More

Mud gas separator

Mud gas separator is necessary safety equipment in the modern drilling mud cleaning system, it is special equipment for the primary degassing and also Mud gas separator called Poor boy degasser.  View More

Recirculating Batch Mixer

Recirculating batch mixer is designed to reliably mix and recirculate cement slurry followed by high energy shearing by agitators of the batch volume in two partition cement mixing tub of 8 cum total capacity. View More

Silo Loaders Loading Pod

Himech loading pots are of cylindrical type, conical bottom with knuckle and Torispherical dished head with a working pressure of 30 psi. Discharge line at the bottom of loading pod. View More

Twin Cutting Pod

Pressurized cutting pod each 25 to 70 cuft. mounted on the skid having pallet platform complete with individual sack cutting table, common working platform ,filling hopper etc. View More

Blender/Blending Tank

The equipment used to prepare the slurries and gels commonly used in treatments. The blender is capable of providing a supply of adequately mixed ingredients at the desired treatment rate. View More

Screw conveyers

Himech’s Screw conveyer is supplied with trough and hopper with a heavy duty drive Unit.  View More

Precision Slurry Mixing System

Precision Slurry Mixing System is the backbone of any Cementing Job, as this system ensures efficient mixing of Cement and water and other chemicals and making homogenous Cement Slurry.Design of the system ensures a good homogenous Cement Slurry. View More

Rock Catcher

C/W Integral 4″ Hammer Union, opposing half unions on each end connection. Working Pressure 150 PSI.  View More


Funnel-shaped device used to transfer products. The hopper is often at the bottom of any container for holding or using bulk products, especially drilling fluid additives and cementing material. View More