Well Testing || Choke Manifold

Himech Choke Manifold is a necessary equipment to carry out the pressure control technology in the oil/gas well. It is used for controlling casing pressure, keeping wellbore pressure balance, to avoid overflowing and prevent wells from blowing out, releasing pressure through choke valves to realize soft closing, and blowing down to protect the wellhead. The Chock manifold Consist of Adjustable Chock Valve, Gate valve, Line pipe, Fitting, Pressure Gauge and Temperature Gauge.


  • Allows for multiple choke and gate valve configurations.
  • Dual-choke configurations.
  • Two Flow Paths, one Through a Positive Chock and one through and Adjustable Chock that can be Converted to Positive Chock.
  • Double-block and bleed configurations.
  • Hydraulic or manually operated gate-valves monogrammed to API6A