Cementing || Mud gas Separator

Mud gas separator is necessary safety equipment in the modern drilling mud cleaning system, it is special equipment for the primary degassing and also Mud gas separator called Poor boy degassed.

The main function is to clean the gas bubbles in the drilling fluid. The gas bubble is the inflation gas in the drilling fluid which is full of the some space of the well. If the bubbles cannot be cleaned, it will cause the well kick and, even the fluid will erupt from the well.


  • Separates free gas accumulations, including toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide, from the drilling mud system.
  • Reduces Hazardous Gas Threat – The separated gas is carried by vent lines to a remote location and flared.
  • Fail-safe gas delivery can be controlled by a back-pressure manifold valve in the flare line.
  • Skid-Mounted and Trailer Transportable – Simplifies transport, spotting and installation. Unit can be laid down during over-the-road transport.
  • Versatile Configuration – Designed such that it can be raised or lowered for flow
  • Instrumentation: Level, pressure and Temperature Transmitter, Level and pressure gauge.