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Storage Silos
Storage Silos are required for the Cement /Additive storage applications for the On – Shore Drilling and Off-Shore Drilling operations. Field Silos have some innovative features like stable height to weight ratio, low ground pressure when fully loaded, efficient aeration system, oversize discharge piping for high speed unloading, which work on Pneumatic discharge systems Himech can also supply all the equipment’s required for cement bulk handling
plant making it a one stop shop for all your cementing need.
Capacities – 50 T / 100 T / 120 T / 150 T/ 200 T

Mobile Bulk Cementing Unit

Himech’s MBCU is an independent unit used to transport dry cement from Bulk Handling Plants and to be directly hooked up for cementing job at the drill site with the cementing unit. It comprises of a powerful Screw Compressor, Coded pressure vessel, Surge Tank, Piping and valves and it gives a constant rate of discharge of cement during cementing job.

We are provide mobile bulk cementing unit on rent.

Batch Mixer

The Himech Batch mixing system is excellent in mixing technology, which includes a batch mixing tank. This system can be used for all cement, flush and spacer mixing operations. Batch mixing tank with agitators allows the batch mixing of cement for plug and squeeze and allied cementing jobs Batch Mixers are supplied with control console, piping valves, hose connectors.

Optional equipment’s available with Batch Mixer are
Ground Mixing System.
Slurry Mixing System with Recirculating Loop.
Surge Tank.
Himech Offers Batch Mixers of mechanical and hydraulic types.
Capacities – 50 BBL, 100 BBL and 150 BBL.

Twin Cutting Pod

Pressurized cutting pod each 25 to 70 cuft. mounted on the skid having pallet platform complete with individual sack cutting table, common working platform ,filling hopper etc. for loading of cement in the pressurized bulk silo. Rated for Working Pressure of 40 psi. 10. SCREW

Silo Loading Pod

Himech loading pots are of cylindrical type, conical bottom with knuckle and Torispherical dished head with a working pressure of 30 psi. Discharge line at the bottom of loading pod. Bottom Skid – Heavy duty Skid Confirming to ASTM A36. Cement Loading – Through inlet hopper with a butterfly valve. Capacities – 70 CU.FT,100 CU.FT,200 CU.FT,300 CU.FT