Well Testing || Steam Heat Exchanger











HimechEquipment steam heater exchanger offers a high-efficiency heat transfer with a small foot print. Steam-heat exchangers are used to raise the temperature of well effluents to prevent hydrate formation, reduce viscosity, and break down emulsions for efficient separation of oil and water
  • Offshore and land Operations
  • Drill Steam Testing
  • Well Cleanups
  • Production/Well Testing


  1. Insulation of whole vessel and piping for Heat Preservation.
  2. Automatic Control valve with temperature Controller for Steam inlet.
  3. Non Return Valve on Steam inlet to avoid steam returning.
  4. Safety Shutdown forhigh Temperature.
  5. Safety Shutdown for high Pressure.
  6. Steam trap with Steam Condensate outlet.
  7. Pressure safety valve.
  8. Chock between inlet and outlet to allow Preheating of effluent.