Well Testing || Gauge Tank

Gauge Tank

Gauge tank is unpressurized vessel used to measure low flow rates or calibrate the separator oil measurement meters. It has two compartments, one of which can be emptied by the transfer pump while the other compartment is being filled.


  • Calibration of oil liquid rates from a separator.
  • Measurement of a large volume of oil at atmospheric pressure.
  • Measurement of low liquid rates from a separator.
  • Determination of shrinkage factor.


  • Flame arrestors on both vents of the gauge tank.
  • A grounding strap is attached to each gauge tank to prevent the build-up of static charges.
  • Slight- glass level on each tank Compartment.
  • Sampling Point.
  • Over flow pipe.


50 X 2 BBL, 100 BBL, 200 BBL