Well Testing || Surge Tanks

Surge Tanks

Himech Equipment delivers top-quality Surge tanks, designed and fabricated to your specific. The Surge Tanks are using during well test operations as a secondary or additional stage (two, three, four phase) of separation and metering. Surge tank also can replace the gauge tanks when H2S is present.

Type – Horizontal and Vertical

Compartment – Single, Dual and Trailer Mounted


  • Well Testing
  • Well Clean-ups
  • Frack Flowback


  1. Single and dual compartment.
  2. Fitted with sample point and pressure and temperature ports.
  3. Can be used as second stage separator.
  4. Sight glasses or magnetic level indicators.
  5. Fitted with a bypass manifold to enable isolation.
  6. Measures liquid flow rates, shrinkage and meter factors.
  7. High and Low level Alarm System on each Compartment.
  8. Automatic Pressure Control valve on gas outlet.
  9. Sampling point, pressure and temperature ports.
  10. Over pressure protection by relief valve.