Well Testing || Trailer Mounted Acid Tank

Himech can offer different type of tanker trailers one of them is Stainless Tanker Trailer which is desinged for acidic material. Stainless Tanker Trailer is a attractive desing and can be reach to 35.000 Liter capacity. Himech Trailer can offer Stainless Tanker Trailer with different type of stainless steel materials .


  • 304 or 316L Body
  • ADR Compatible Tankers
  • Pnemautic Discharging Valve
  • ABS and EBS brake system
  • JOST or Turkish brand parking leg and king pin
  • ST Quality Steel useage
  • BPW, SAF or Certificated Turkish Axles
  • Air and Mechanical Suspension
  • Steel or Aluminum Rims