Well Testing || Two & Three Phase Separators

Himech Equipment Design and Manufacture of Horizontal and Vertical Separator for separate and measures oil, gas and water practical.

Phase – Two Phase, Three Phase and Trailer Mounted

Two- phase separators used for separating the vapor gas from the liquid in the well stream emulsion.

Three-phaseseparators used for separating oil, water, and gasfrom the liquid in the well Stream emulsion.























  • onshore and offshore operations
  • Well testing operations
  • Drill stem testing operations
  • Well cleanup operations
  • Production testing operations


  1. Wide Range of Vessel Size for Different Flow Rates.
  2. Single Phase Flow Metering on oil and Water outlets using turbine meters.
  3. Gas Metering with Senior orifice meter.
  4. Pneumatic Control Valves on Gas,Oil and Water outlet.
  5. Sampling Point for all Phases.
  6. Two Relief valve protect against overpressure.