Well Testing

Burner Boom

The Himech Burner Boom is employed during an offshore well test operation to efficiently combust oil products at surface to avoid the oil storage and minimizing pollution problems. View More

Two & Three Phase Separater

Himech Equipment Design and Manufacture of Horizontal and Vertical Separator for separate and measures oil, gas and water practical. View More

Surge Tanks

Himech’s  Surge Tanks are used during well test operations at the secondary or additional stage of separation and metering. A surge tank is a very good alternative when longer retention times are required for effective separation. Surge tank can replace the gauge tanks when H2Sis present. View More

Steam Heat Exchanger

Himech Equipment steam heater exchanger offers a high-efficiency heat transfer with a small foot print. Steam-heat exchangers are used to raise the temperature of well effluents to prevent hydrate formation, reduce viscosity, and break down emulsions for efficient separation of oil and water. View More

Bath Heater

Himech is Manufacture ofindirect water bath heater in Oil and Gas, Production, Processing and transmission industry. A bath heater is a simple and safe method for indirectly heating various process mediums by a fire tube style burner submerged at the bottom of the heater vessel then heats a submerged process coil0 in which the flowing process medium is then heated. View More

Choke Manifold

Choke Manifold is a necessary equipment to carry out the pressure control technology in the oil/gas well. It is used for controlling casing pressure, keeping wellbore pressure balance, to avoid overflowing and prevent wells from blowing out, releasing pressure through choke valves to realize soft closing, and blowing down to protect the wellhead. View More

Oil And Gas Manifold

Oil and gas manifold diverts oil or gas, without flow interruption, from the separator to crude oil burner for disposal, to surge tank or gauge tank for measurements or storage,or to a production line. Oil and gas manifold also isolates the test equipment to prevent
flow interruption if the testing equipment is pulled out of service temporarily.  View More

DATA Header

During well testing and flow back operations, the data header connects the instruments and sensors for data acquisition, and the collection of fluid/ gas samples.  Data header is located directly upstream of the choke manifold and
downstream of the surface safety valve (SSV) and provides access to the flow stream for pressure and temperature. View More

Gauge Tank

Gauge tank is unpressurized vessel used to measure low flow rates or calibrate the separator oil measurement meters. It has two compartments, one of which can be emptied by the transfer pump while the other compartment is being filled.View More

Oil Storage Tanks

Our range of products include metal storage tanks, oil storage tank, vacuum storage tank, aluminum tanks, ss water storage tank and chemical storage tank. View More

Tailer Mounted Tank

we assure that only top notch basic material is used by our professionals along with ultra-modern tools and machinery. Besides this, we check these on a variety of grounds before finally shipping them at the destination of our customers. View More